Newton House Farm

Camping Welcome Pack

Welcome to Newton House Farm…

We are looking forward to sharing our little corner of The North York Moors with you and truly hope you enjoy it as much as we do. The views across the valley and over the moors and are spectacular, there is an abundance of walks and cycle routes for all abilities and plenty of excellent local cafes and restaurants to cater for every taste.

This booklet contains information about the site and the local area to help you enjoy your stay. You should find everything you need however if you have a question that isn’t covered in here please do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

We hope you have a pleasant stay and look forward to welcoming you back again in the future.

The Forster Family

Check In
When arriving at the site please park your car in the parking area. Choose an available pitch space then text us with your booking surname and pitch number.

At the end of your stay with us, please ensure you have all your belongings with you and that you have left your pitch tidy and free from rubbish

Site Information

There is a designated parking area in the field adjacent to the camping field. Please park your car and carry your belongings to your pitch as cars are unable to enter the camping field.

Shower/Toilet Facilities
We have a shared facilities block with two toilet/shower rooms for guests to use. There are also toilets close to the pitches.

There is a BLACK bin for general waste near the site entrance as well as a BLUE recycling bin for clean glass, plastics, tins/cans and paper/cardboard – you can find further information on what can be recycled at the back of this pack.

Shared Facilities
The shared kitchen, located in the facilities block, is for all guests on the campsite to use.
We do ask that all guests keep the shared facilities clean and respect any fellow guests’ property that may be left in the shared facilities.

We welcome dogs to our site however they must be kept on a lead at all times and should not be allowed near any animals.
You will find plenty of footpaths easily accessible from our site.
Dogs are not permitted inside the shared facilities.
There is provision for washing your dog should they get muddy whilst out, this is located on the side of the shared facilities building.
Please clean up after your dog (any waste should be bagged and put in the general waste BLACK bin at the entrance to the site).

Site Safety

Newton House Farm is a working farm so please beware of moving farm machinery. Remember to admire the animals from a distance; do not attempt to approach them and do not feed them. Children should be supervised at all times.
Please do not allow children to leave the fenced area of the site unaccompanied.
Our site is surrounded by dry stone walls and wooden fencing; please do not climb on walls or fencing as this could lead to damage to them and injury to yourself

No campfires are permitted on site.
Any camping stoves/cooking equipment used in the shared kitchen should be in good, safe working order and should be supervised by an adult at all times.
In the event of a fire, leave behind all belongings and assemble in the parking area. Phone 999 and ask for the fire service.
There are fire extinguishers and fire blankets in the shared kitchen.
Disposable barbeques should only be used if raised off the ground; not sat on the grass and not on wooden picnic benches or tables.

We politely request all guests to respect wildlife, other guests and our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum, especially between the hours of 11pm and 7am.

Guests are welcome to bring their own barbeques but they should be raised off the ground, supervised by an adult at all times and allowed to cool completely before being disposed of in the appropriate way.
Please do not sit barbeques directly on wooden decking, picnic benches or tables as this could cause a fire or damage to the wood.

Local Information

Places to Eat

This is just a few of the many cafes and restaurants that the area has to offer…

Recycling Information
The BLUE recycling bin can be used for:

  • paper and shredded paper  
  • glass jars and bottles 
  • card and cardboard 
  • plastic bottles and lids 
  • clean yoghurt pots 
  • clean margarine or butter tubs 
  • large plastic ice cream tubs 
  • plastic fruit punnets and food trays 
  • clean plastic ready meal trays 
  • plastic washing tablet containers 
  • food and drink cans 
  • empty aerosols 
  • cartons, such as juice cartons and milk cartons 

The following should NOT be put in the recycling bin:

  • food waste 
  • face masks or disposable gloves
  • plastic carrier bags 
  • black bin bags 
  • nappies 
  • polystyrene 
  • cling film and plastic film 
  • DVD or CD cases  
  • children’s toys

Site Rules
We have rules to keep all our guests safe and ensure that everyone has an enjoyable stay with us

  • Please be respectful of other guests and our neighbours and keep noise to a minimum, particularly between 11pm and 7am
  • Feel free to use the shared kitchen area, just be respectful of other guests and their belongings and please do not remove anything from the kitchen
  • Help us to reduce food waste by leaving any unwanted food/drink in the shared kitchen for other guests to use or to be donated to a food bank
  • When storing food/drink in the fridge or cupboards please label with your name and date of stay
  • We do our best to clean the facilities at least twice a day, please help us out by keeping them tidy as well
  • Please use the bins provided for waste and recycling and do not leave litter around the site
  • Our site uses a soak away sewage treatment system so please do not flush nappies, wet wipes, sanitary items or anything else that isn’t one of the three P’s down the toilets as this will block the system
  • Please do not climb on, or allow children to climb on, fences, walls or trees
  • Please do not have campfires
  • Please do not light BBQs on the grass or picnic benches
  • BBQs must be under adult supervision at all times
  • Children under 16 must be under adult supervision at all times and should not be allowed in the kitchen area or off the site unattended.
  • There is a variety of wildlife around our site  and we hope that you get to see plenty whilst you are with us however we do ask that you do not attempt to approach or feed any wildlife or our farm animals
  • Please do not release balloons, Chinese lanterns, fireworks or similar and there is to be no lighting candles, gas lamps or similar
  • Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times and are not allowed in the shared facilities
  • Smoking is not allowed within the shared facilities or within 3 metres of the shared facilities

Our Booking Terms and Conditions can be viewed on our website